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This free, downloadable book is written by Georg Feurstein, a renowned yoga historian. In it, he presents a vision for the practice of yoga principles as a model for creating a sustainable future.

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Traditional Yoga Studies

Yoga Journal

Shiva Rea

White Lotus Foundation

Yoga Music

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cool yoga music while you work at your computer:

other artists:

Shamanic Dream
Shaminic Dream II

Spiritual Spiritual
Sensual Sensual
Fiesta Fatal

Oliver Shanti
Circles of Life
Music for Tai Chi



Deep Forest


Copper Mountain College
PE 98 Class Overview


Welcome CMC Students!

It is a privilege to introduce the practice of hatha yoga to you. To make this class as rewarding as possible, please observe the following classroom etiquette.

Please be on-time. We will begin class at 15 minutes after the hour. THERE IS NO ADMISSION TO CLASS AFTER15 MINUTES.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes or smoking immediately prior to class.

Turn off your cell phone!

Other health concerns:
Do not eat a large meal less than 2 hours before class.
Dress warmly, in layers. Our room can be cold. Bring a blanket to cover up for the relaxation period. Please do not come to class if feeling unwell. There a plenty of opportunities (see attendance policy) to make classes up.

Plese advise me if you are:
Hypertensive and on or not on medication.
Recuperating from injury, illness or surgery

Women should note that inversions and certain postures should not be practiced while menstruating. Please consult me before class if concerned.

Class Textbook (optional): 30 Essential Poses by Judith Lasater

Assignment: Due by Week 3
Please complete the class hand-out with the following info:
1) Name, Class Day/Time
2) List any previous yoga class experience
3) List any health/physical conditions that may impact your ability to participate.
4) Briefly describe your goals/reasons for taking this class. For inspiration, you may want to read "Yoga as Self-Transformation" by Joel Kramer.

Following is an overview of class themes, a list of the postures that will be emphasized, and references to resources for learning more.


Current Class Schedule & Office Hours

Syllabus (Printer Friendly)

Yoga Bio form

Schedule Of Class Topics





Assignment/Additional Resources




Yoga & the Breath
as a Stress Management Strategy

What is Yoga?

The first written record occurs around the 3rd century BC in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: "Yoga? citta-vritti-nirodha?"

What is Hatha Yoga ("Forceful" Yoga)?

Literally meaning Sun Moon, the pracitice of asana, pranayama and meditation wasn't codified until the 15th century in the Yoga Pradipika.

Glossary Terms:

• hatha
• asana
• prana
• astanga
• namaste



Mountain Pose

Easy Pose

Cat’s Breath
(Cat & Cow)

Cat's Breath Sequence

Child’s Pose
Dynamic Child’s Pose
(See Child Pose Variations)



Yoga Bio’s
Due by week 3

Video: Breath of Life
Tracey Rich & Ganga White
White Lotus Foundation

Demonstration of Pranayama
breathing technique
by BKS Iyengar

Optional Reading:

CNN: How Yoga Can Wreck the Body

A Response from Glenn Black






Yoga & Alignment
(The Lines of Energy)


Downward Dog

High Lunge

Plank Pose

Chair Pose

Standing Forward Bend Pose



Body, Breath, and Psyche: Tapping into the Transformative Power of Yoga

Sudha Prathikanti, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF, presents an overview of the history and philosophy of yoga, including its measurable benefits to health. She also provides a short demonstration of proper yoga breathing.




The Geometry of
Right Angles


Hero 1

Hero 2


Video Clip of The Warrior Dance by Shiva Rea
Video Clip: Sun Salutation A





Right Angles, cont.
(Solar Practice)


Hero Sequence, Variations:


Up Dog

Extended Right Angle Pose

Hero 3



Jill Taylor's Stroke of Insight
you tube videos

Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions -- motion, speech, self-awareness -- shut down one by one. An astonishing story.

After watching this vieo, prepare to discuss the analogies between her experience when she lost the left brain "critic" and what we are learning in our practice:
-slowing down
-being present





The Energizing Poses


Bridge Pose

Bow Pose

Headstand Preparation
(Dolphin Pose)

Seated Spinal Twist,

In Praise of Slowness, by Carl Honore
you tube videos

(It's always nice to hear how non-yoga people can confirm many of the principles we are exploring on the mat.)

Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world's emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. But there's a backlash brewing, as everyday people start putting the brakes on their all-too-modern lives.







Balancing Poses


Tree Pose

Half-Moon Pose

Dancer Pose







Variations in
(Lunar Practice)



Revolving Triange

Low Lunge Pose








The Restorative Practice


Legs Up the Wall

Wide-Leg Standing Forward Bend

Supported Shoulder


Reclining Big Toe




Creating a Personal Practice (Final)

Personal Practice

 Vinyasa Demonstrations

Sita Sings the Blues



Class Schedule & Office Hours