Discover Your Own Body's Innate Wisdom to Heal Mind, Heart & Spirit

yoga de luz

Enhance Your Wellness and Joy of Life with Yoga as a Consistent Practice

With Luz, you'll learn to learn yoga. Instead of a prescribed approach to the practice, Luz will help you discover your own way to organize your sequencing. You'll learn how to monitor your breath and body in movement and in the moment and discover a whole new joy in being in your precious body.

Offering Private Yoga Instruction for Women and Small Groups

Luz offers a vibrant and individualized approach to 

Hatha Yoga to initiate your own inner potential and innate capacity to experience wholeness and well-being.

Luz has recently relocated to Long Beach and looks forward to focusing her teaching on the needs of women, especially through the aging process. She has developed her own non-dogmatic and sometimes unorthodox views of the unmet needs that women present to a practice that has been largely developed for male bodies.

For example, hatha yoga has traditionally focused on alignment in poses that emphasize long, straight lines that are foreign to round, curvy bodies. Women, too often, are encouraged to force their bodies through a sequence in a way that can almost feel aggressive. 

Luz's approach focuses on circular and spiraling movements that invite the body to explore the boundaries of the postures with ease and grace. Overtime, one discovers the body's natural response to the poses and a flexibility that comes almost effortlessly.

Small group classes, made up by friends or mutual acquaintances, is an ideal way to start on the yoga path.We all learn from each other, and are less self-conscious among friends, so our receptivity to the practice is greatly enhanced. Offline support and reinforcement comes when those closest to us can be allies in developing positive practices.

I offer a variety of approaches...


Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

An eclectic approach to practicing yoga asanas, vinyasa yoga emphasizes the use of the breath to inspire the   movement from one posture to the next, creating a sense of "flow"   that unifies the body and mind. This practice is easily adaptable to all   physical levels and promotes a profound sense of well-being and balance.

Yoga Trance Dance 

Based on a foundation of yoga   postures, yoga trance dance, especially as it has been developed by Shiva   Rea, one of my most inspiring teachers, is often found to be easier and more   accessible than yoga. Simple, sustained, oscillating (circular) movements in   the body and the opportunity to cultivate free-flowing, fluid movements to inspirational   music generates an profound state of relaxation and opens the mind to new   levels of awareness and facilitates the transformation of consciousness. 

Restorative   Yoga

Restorative   yoga poses make use of blankets, bolsters, chairs, the wall, anything that   supports the body's ability to deeply relax. During deep relaxation all the   organ systems of the body are allowed to enjoy a profound recuperation that   lowers blood pressure, strengthens immune functions, and benefits digestion,   elimination, as well as alleviating muscle tension and generalized fatigue.   Restorative poses are easy, almost deceptively simple to practice, but the   benefits are profound, whether we are in recovery or simply stressed out. 

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1989 Teacher   Training    (17-day intensive)    

Tracey Rich & Ganga White   

White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara  

2001  Deepening the Practice,(5 day intensive)    

Tracey Rich & Ganga White  

White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara  

2002  Teacher Training with Erich Schiffman   

Yoga Place, Costa Mesa  

2003 Teacher Training with Judith Lasater (Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga)

2006  Yoga Trance Dance Teacher's Training with Shiva Rea   

Exhale!, Santa Monica

Additional   Workshops & Retreats with: Tsultrim Allione

Tim Miller   

Francois Raoult & Deborah Granger   

Amrit Desai